Born in 1974 near Hamburg, Germany Bernd Ziesche got in contact with angling in the age of three. A little later he caught his first fish – an eal. In the age of five - supported by his grandfather, he caught his first Sea trout.
Aged twelve Bernd discovered fly fishing. In the beginning of the nineties "fly only" turned out to be his way, based on his first fly caught Sea trout.
During the next years Bernd Ziesche gained a lot of experience in fly fishing. Mainly he fished for Sea trout and Atlantic salmon in Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as for various fish species in places like the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Los Roques, the USA, Slovenia, Austria and other European countries.

Over the years the main focus of Bernd's activities consisted of fly fishing along the Baltic sea coast and salmon fishing on numerous rivers in Norway.  Besides catching mullets and pikes he specialized in catching big Sea trouts of the coast.

Inbetween all different fields of fly fishing he always especially focused on fly casting.    
Participating at several fly casting courses by both national and international renowned fly casting instructors as well as exchanging knowledge with many fly casting experts extended his expertise considerably.

Bernd's special thanks go to:
Bernd Czerr (D), Thomas Ellerbrock (D), Uwe Rieder (A), Sepp Fuchs (NL), Mel Krieger (USA), Göran Andersson (S), Carlos Azpilicueta (E), Alejandro Vinuales (E), Lasse Karlsson (DK), Henrik Mortensen (DK), Ronald Windl (A), Günter Feuerstein (CH), Roman Moser (A), Valerio Santagostino (I), Roberto Pragliola (I), Aitor Coteron (E), Jupp Verstraten (D), Paul Arden (GB), Stefan Siikavara (S), Menno van Dam (NL), Lars Chr. Bentsen (DK), Michael Heritage (UK), Michael Mauri (D), Erhard Loidl (A), Hans Spinnler (CH), Hywel Morgan (GB), Stig Hansen (DK), Bruce Richards (USA), Knut and Trond Syrstad (N), Floyd Dean (USA), Steve Rajeff (USA), Cesar de la Hoz (S), Christoph Menz (A), Matthias Lilleheim (N), Andy Murray (GB), Ian Gordon (GB), Bart de Zwan (NL), Bas de Bruin (NL), Rudy van Duinhoven (NL), Chase Jablonsky (USA), Andy Murray (GB), Ian Gordon (GB), Bart de Zwan (NL), Bas de Bruin (NL), Rudy van Duinhoven (NL), Chase Jablonsky (USA), Bob Jacklin (USA), Paul Arden (GB), Jason Borger (USA), Lee Cummings (GB), Tony Riley (GB), Vic Knight (GB), John van Dalen (USA), Gordy Hill (USA),

Ronny Landin (S), Andre Scholz (D) and many more, who helped me to improve in fly casting.

Especially fishing together with Ken Sawada (J), Roland Holmberg (S), Jonas Hammersted (N), Walter Reisinger (A), Erhard Loidl (A), Thomas Michael (D), Hans Steinfort (D), Mel Krieger (USA), Uwe Rieder (A), Capt. John Dickinson (USA) and Thomas Dürkop (D) helped Bernd to learn a lot of different fishing techniques for many different fish species.

Since the end of the nineties Bernd is teaching both single and double hand fly casting as  a certified fly casting instructor. He successfully passed the IFFF and AAPGAI Master Fly Casting Instructor exams as well as other fly casting instructor exams.

Yet his fly casting and fly fishing courses took place in Germany, Denmark, Sweden,  Norway, Finland, England, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA. Also Bernd held many fly casting demos on shows like the Danish Fly Festival, the Flyfair (NL) or the German Fly Festival.

Amongst other publications Bernd Ziesche wrote articles for over ten years for the German fly fishing magazine „Der Fliegenfischer“.  Today he is writing weekly frontpages for the leading fly casting forum Sexyloops.

Setting up his own fly fishing school First-Cast was the start to professional full time work in teaching all fields of fly fishing. The First-Cast program includes fishing trips, casting courses, workshops and fly casting demos, tying lessons and councelling on tackle adjustments in general.

In 2008 Bernd Ziesche was one of the two founders of the German Fly Festival. The first GFF fly fishing show turned out to be the largest fly fishing event in the northern part of Germany ever. Today he is running the event together with Alexander Knecht.

The biggest part of Bernd's life is designated to fly fishing and his special thanks go to all his fishing buddies who shared all the beautiful moments with him; especially to all his students.

Bernd Ziesche

First Cast - That's where the fish are!