Hier findet Ihr viele meiner wöchentlichen Berichte auf der bekannten Flycasting-Webseite "Sexyloops" (Paul Arden). Der aktuelleste Bericht steht jeweils oben.

Fly Line Stretch

A truly long and hard batle to save more Zander!

Fly tying - it's all about action!

Cheating Or Not Cheating

Social Media Addiction In Fly Fishing


I couldn't stop


Lots of Fish, Teaching Fly Casting and Guiding

Lots of fish these days

Tailing Loop, Dangling End And Violating The 180 Concept

Still Chasing Zander

Fighting To Save Our Zander

The Best Fly rod Ever

Inverted Tailing Loops

Game Over

Fly Fishing Lock Down

Load Your Rod And Fire It Off

All Fishing Being Stopped in The UK

Fly Fishing 2020

Too Early

Fly Casting Instructor Exam Mentoring

Fly Fishing For Zander And Perch Down Deep

Underwater Secrets In Fly Fishing

Testing Flies For Perch Pike And Zander

Lots Of Fish In Difficult Times

Tough Conditions In Pikeland

Fly Fishing For Pike - German Pikeland

The Pursuit Of The Longest Possible Flycast

Fly Fishing For Danish Dynamite

A Common Fly Casting Fault

The Almost Invisible Fly

Aggressivity - Key To Hook Up

5 Senses - Maybe More!

Fly Fishing Knowledge

Fly Fishing As Always

Imitating A School Of Baitfish

Fly Fishing Asp - Details

Fly Fishing Strategy

Back from Denmark

Skjern Au - Outside The Box

Fly Fishing For Asp All Week Long

The One Big Pike

Multi Action Fly

Asp, Carp and Pike

Teaching Again

Loading The Rod Is Overrated

Fly Fishing In Times Of Corona

The One Fish I  Almost Missed

Sexyloops Front Page 350 by Bernd

Fly Fishing Barramundi

Fly Fishing Thailand

Fantastic Fly Fishing Weekend In Basque Country

Teaching Fly Casting

Fishing - Teaching - Fishing - Lecturing - Fishing

All By Myself

Catching The One Big Fish

Back Home - Fishing Home Waters

Season Ending

Becoming A Proper Fly Fishing Teacher

Big Fish Week Germany

Brilliant Pike Catching Week

Pike-Land At It's Best

Catching Proper Fish Is Hard Work

Tough Days

Hosted Fly Fishing Trips For Pike Germany

Welcome To Pike-Land

Sea trout, Asp and Fly Casting

Hundret Thounsands Of Mullet Are Killed!?

Asp and Sea trout

Incredible Asp Week

The Spinning Fly

Common Knowledge On Asp Behaviour

Fly Design - Fly Fishing For Asp

Fly Fishing 24/7

More Action Please!

Fly Fishing Smöla 2019

If you panic, you easily may die!

Dry fly action: Fish don't see HIGH QUALITY pictures!

Brilliant nature and lots of fish

When I am failing totally

Brilliant Fly Fishing Week In Germany

Sea trout, Garfish, Pollack, Asp and Carp - Lots of fish this week!

Fly Fishing for Atlantic salmon - Getting started

The One Pike

Swedish Sea Trout Wonderland

Hand Born Anchor Cast

Fly Casting - Tailing Loops

The further you can cast, the more fish you'll catch.

Studying Line Set Ups For Zander

The Biggest Disadvantage Of Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing For Zander Line Set Up

Fly Fishing Throughout The Seasons

Straightness In Fly Casting

THE 3 key factors to hook Zander

300 Sexyloops Front Pages

Zanderking CORRECTED

Zanderking Fly

Thanks a lot for a fantastic year 2018

Fly Fishing Winter Nigths

Brilliant Last Week In German Pike-Land

Hosted Fly Fishing Trips- First Cast Fly Fishing School

Physiotherapy And Fly Fishing

Big Fish Week

Brilliant Fly Fishing Week

Outstanding Catching Days

Finally Back In The Game

Fly Casting Experts vs Fly Fishing Experts

Fly Fishing Coastal Sea trout in Denmark

Shock Absorber for Fly Fishing

Physical and Mental Strength, Consistancy, Technique and Equipment in the Fly Casting World Championship 2018

Fishing or Training for the World Championship

Fly Casting World Championship 2018

Fly Casting - Pushing Or Pulling The Rod

Fly Fishing ASP - Workshop

Graphite Fly Rods Do Break

Fly Fishing Norway

Perfect Fly Fishing Week

Hosted Fly Fishing Trip Norway

Fly Casting - Self Education vs Fly Casting Lessons

Best Fly Rod For Roll Casting

Choosing a fly rod - Physics vs Feelings

Fly Fishing Discussions

I am on the run

Coastal Fly Fishing

BIG and MANY - hardly ever happens

Sea Trout Trip To Gotland - Sweden

Fly Fishing The Jungle For Tarpon

Anchored Fly Casting

Check list saltwater fly fishing trip

Welded Loops on fly lines

Fly Fishing, Fly Casting and Fly Tying all week long

Fly Tying Nights all week long

Fly Casting Tuition - Fly Fishing - Fly Tying

Fishing Is Best

Sometimes the only key to CATCH is in the details


Another fine week in Pike-land

Back in the game

Hosted Fly Fishing Trips

Teaching Fly Casting - History vs. Present

Fishing Every Day

A very fishy week for Bernd

It's all about the right tactic

First Cast - Hosted Fly Fishing Trips Into Pikeland

Hosted Fly Fishing For Pike Trips

Fly Fishing In Muddy Water

Fly Fishing Forever

Fly Fishing Coastal Sea Trout

Cracking The Code In Fly Fishing

Lots of Fishing - Asp - Carp and Mushrooms

Fly Fishing - Chasing Asp

I was busy

Fly Fishing For Carp - The Essence

Selective fish refusing our flies - what to do?

First Cast Hosted Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing Glomma

Fantastic Fly Fishing Week

Fly Fishing Bucket List

Fly Fishing for Atlantic salmon means to NEVER give up

Fly Fishing Mörrum

Changing your next trip

It's all about fly fishing

Fly Fishing Gotland 2017

Tactics On Coastal Sea Trout

Fly Fishing Spring In Germany

Teaching Distance Fly Casting

Teaching Fly Casting To Beginners And Experts

Choosing fly lines - Uplining - Downlining or Matching

Time to Fly Fish again

Fly Fishing Chile For Chinook

Fly Fishing Chinook In Chile

Fly Casting For Kids


Fly Fishing Year 2017

Guides in Fly Fishing - Reloaded

Guides in Fly Fishing

My first day off after 50 days

Fly Fishing For Pike In Brackish Water

Fly Fishing Rügen Island - Update

Fly Fishing Flemish Cap Germany

Fly Fishing Pike In Clear Water

Fly Fishing Pike Land

Fly Fishing For Pike Ahead

You Can become an expert fly caster

Fly Fishing With Christof Menz And Uwe Rieder

Fly Fishing On Facebook

Fly Rodding For Carp

Fly Fishing Trips - Stolen Luggage

Fly Fishing Switzerland

Switch Rods

Fly Casting Styles

Flyfishing Carp

Fly Fishing The Atlantic Ocean

First Cast Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon

Fly Fishing Every Day

My Best Fly Fishing Strategy

Asp Flyfishing

Choosing Fly Fishing Tackle

Pointing Fingers At Fellow Anglers

Fly Fishing Gotland Sea Trout

Fly Fishing Gotland For Sea Trout

Choosing a proper fly line

Teaching Fly Casting: Grass vs. Water

Distance Fly Casting: An Unexpected Journey

The Ideal Duration of a Fly Casting Tuition

Producing a fly fishing movie

The fish I lost

Fly Fishing For Big Pikes

Fly Fishing Videos

The Static Roll Cast

Editing videos, fly fishing, fly tying and teaching fly casting

Fly Fishing and Fly Casting Instructor Exams

Atlantic salmon in Norway or Steelhead in Bristish Columbia?

Rod Hand Path In Fly Casting

Fly Fishing In Winter

First Cast Fly Fishing School

Merry Fly-Fishing-mas

My first day off

Fly Fishing Baltic Pike

Always listen to your guide

Fly Fishing For Pike

Fly Fishing School

Fly Casting Definitions (IFFF)

How to present the fly to Pike perch

What to expect of high price waders?

My girlfriend fly fishes!

Fly Fishing for Pike Perch and Carp

Fly Fishing YOUR Home Waters

Big Moments in Fly Fishing

How to get started in fly fishing

A hell of a fly fishing week

Carp Fly Fishing - Easy Fly Design

Flavoured Fly Fishing?

How many hooks in one fly are fair?

Fly Fishing in Grayling Heaven

On Fire

The Dark Night

Fly Fishing For Serious Carp

Fly Fishing for CARP

Fly Fishing the Norwegian Fjords

Fly Fishing World Championships

Working hard for or buying your catch?

Fly Fishing for PIKE PERCH


Fly Fishing For Pike Perch & Perch

Tears running

Tactics on Sea trout

10 Common fly casting demonstration faults

Back in time

20 Common Teaching Faults

20 Common Casting Faults

Creepy Tailing Loops

Big Points in catching large Sea trout

Shaping Loops Reloaded 3D!

Defining Stopless

None Hauled vs. Hauled Fly cast

Stop and back up

Stopped to hit Distance

Keys to Distance

The beast is out!

Fantastic year 2014

Becoming a Master of Fly Fishing

One moment in time

Perfect Moments

Under Pressure!

A hell of a FISHING week!

Black Mamba - deadliest fly!

Timing: Wait for the line to unroll!

What to expect of a fly casting lesson?

New fishing techniques

Best place to live

Fly Fishing for Char and Pikeperch

Fly Casting World Championship

Becoming recognized - becoming famous - becoming great

It's all about to mullet!

Toughest fish in the world?

Fly fishing = supreme discipline?!

Back into fishing!

Casting all week long

Mullets have arrived!


German Fly Festival 2014

2 weeks Sea trout fishing on Gotland

Sea trout on Gotland, Sweden

How far would you go for the perfect picture?

Being lucky

The Ultimate Fly Line?

Main purpose: Eating a fish?!

WORST "Faster-Smoother-Lighter-Stronger-More Accurate-Better Loading-Newer" fly rod period ever periods!

Loop Shape Related To Rod Tip Path

How fast do you retrieve your fly?

German Fly Festival 2014

Arctic Char vs. Dolly Varden

Live in the dream!

316 fishing days passing by in a blink of an eye!

Tactics on pike!

A fantastic day!

Spey casting can't be done on Stillwater!

Changing Strategy


Holding pikes

History of the Switch cast

Names to support teaching

Spey Casting Terminology

Important teachig skills

Stopping the rod is essential

What do our flies imitate?

Still studying mullets!

Our flies AREN'T odourless!

Getting excited!

Slow motion studies

Fly fishing for MULLET

The perfect Chromer - finally got him!

The perfect Atlantic salmon

Cormorant vs. Sea trout?

Becoming a good fly caster

Stop it

Sexyloops Fly Casting Forum

Shaping Tight Loops

Fly Casting Styles

Fly Casting Geeks

Testing Hot Torpedo Instructor Rod

World record catch

It's not over until it's over!

A perfect day!

Push The Button!

Catch to Release

Fishing Expectations

A shit load of fish

Tactics on pike

We call it fishing not catching

Guide or no guide

Certified and Qualified Instructors